Agile Methodology in Project Management

Agile Methodology in Project Management

Companies currently need to develop their projects,services or new products very quickly to adapt to a changing market.

With the use of traditional methodologies, developments are more likely to incur delays in the delivery date or increase in costs due to changes during execution.

To respond to these problems, agile methodologies based on the principles of the agile manifesto, which focus on people, customer collaboration and projectcompletion are born.

The main benefits derived from the use of these methodologies are:

  • Allow the adaptation of requirements during the development process.
  • Encourage collaborative work with the involvement of both the development team and the client.
  • Reduce delivery times for the project.
  • Encourage partial deliveries to validate requirements.
  • Improve the quality of completed projects.

All this allows companies to gain effectiveness, impacting on increasing profits and promoting innovation.

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