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Electronic signature through SAP 

The electronic signature has meant a great revolution in recent years when it comes to speeding up procedures. If we also add to this the advantage of being able to do it through your SAP tool, the advantages of the process are multiplied. 

At GoupMee we are obsessed with improving business processes and automating tedious and repetitive processes. For this reason, we became a partner of Signaturit, with which we can offer a very useful tool to improve the signing of contracts and documents. Furthermore, thanks to the Signaturit SAP connector, you can do all this without having to leave your SAP platform. 

Among the main reasons that we can point out about the electronic signature: 

3 Advantages of the electronic signature 

  • regulations. In addition, a probative document is generated with the electronic evidence of the process. 
  • Efficiency: ease of signing and reduction of associated costs such as: shipments, administrative staff, paper, time, etc. 
  • Conversion: we improve contract closing times as well as the image of the company itself and the customer experience. 

Electronic Signature with SAP 

 From INNOVAmee they have designed the Signaturit SAP connector in two versions, Standard and Extended, to be able to offer a service adapted to the needs of your company. 

 The characteristics of each of them are: 

Standard Version 

 The main data of the version are: 

  •  1 single external document to sign 
  •  Parallel or sequential signature flow (all signers can sign or consecutively with a pre-established order). 
  •  Maximum of 40 signatories per document
  •  Customization of the email by the sender. 
  •  Configuration of reminders and expiration period of the email sent. 
  •  Follow-up in SAP of the status of the document 
  •  Download the signed document and supporting document (trial) 

Extended version 

 In addition to all the previous features, this version incorporates new features: 

  •  Allows you to incorporate external documents or SAP PDF documents 
  •  Multi-document sending: up to 15 documents 
  •  Automatic signature of PDFs generated in SAP 

The extended version also includes advice, training, consulting and configuration of the tool

5 advantages of using the Signaturit SAP connector 

Among the main advantages that we can highlight when using the SAP panel itself to carry out the electronic signature, we can highlight: 

  1.  Less assimilation time because it is the platform that we are used to using. 
  1.  Manage all SAP documents reducing time by not having to leave the platform. 
  1.  Automation of sending documents, avoiding tedious tasks and forgetfulness. 
  1.  All areas of the company that work with SAP can take advantage of this integration (FI, SD, HR, MM,…) 
  1.  Modernization and updating of the SAP tool that result in an improvement in sustainability. 


 For all these reasons, we can affirm that, indeed, it is a good decision to implement the electronic signature. Likewise, it is important to note that if it is integrated with SAP, the use and user experience will be improved. 

 At SAPmee, we are specialists in SAP projects and we are INNOVAmee‘s partner in the implementation of the connector. In the following link you have more resources to learn more in detail about how the Signaturit SAP connector works. 

 If you want to know more about this new connector, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to meet your needs and be able to help you in the implementation of the solution. 

 SAPmee Team 

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