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Should you do outsourcing SAP resources?

The efficiency of companies is very important for them to be profitable and have a future. That is why many companies are committed to outsourcing resources that are not part of their “core business”. 

 Among the main reasons that are usually used to outsource processes, we find: 

3 Reasons to Outsource 

  • Productivity: By reducing and controlling costs, productivity is increased. 
  •  Flexibility: by not having your own staff, you can decide to increase / reduce the dedicated staff depending on the workload. 
  • Efficiency: on certain occasions, external personnel may have a different vision of the processes and provide more added value and new ways of doing things. 

Types of Outsourcing 

 Today many companies choose to carry out certain tasks with non-own personnel. There are two models of outsourcing: 

  • Outsourcing: As Rockcontent points out: “It consists of delegating some functions to a company or team specialized in them, to increase production, access better technologies or lower costs within the organization.” 
  •  Outtasking: on the other hand, according to the definition provided by Computerworld: “this term designates a new service contracting model in which user companies sign agreements with other companies to manage certain IT tasks”

This modality allows clients to subcontract specific parts of their work without losing total control or ownership of their IT area. 

With this last option, the subcontracted company can gradually acquire certain tasks of the company. Normally, it begins with non-critical tasks and progresses, once the way of working is known, in other tasks depending on the needs and requirements. 

 At this point, you might wonder, is SAP the main part of your business and is this a good section to outsource? 

5 advantages of outsourcing in SAP 

As pointed out by the NOVIS consulting firm, there are a number of important reasons that make SAP solutions susceptible to outsourcing, due to:

  1. SAP requires specialized knowledge for infrastructure, operation, functional support, etc. And having your own staff with this knowledge is very expensive. 
  1. SAP defines best practices and methodologies for everything (implementation, migration, operation, database administration, security management, etc.) that ensure a good result. 
  1. These practices must be integrated into a service model and cannot be implemented in a short period of time. 
  1. For each aspect, SAP has a certification: Hosting, Cloud, Mobile, AMS, HANA, etc. These certifications require time, investment, training, etc. 
  1. SAP has a well-developed partner ecosystem. Historically, the company has been very concerned about this. When outsourcing, you do not depend on a single partner, which facilitates the outsourcing itself. 

For all these reasons, we can affirm that, indeed, it is a good decision to outsource this department. In this sense, it is important to note that in order to carry out this outsourcing it is always advisable to carry it out progressively and always having made a prior analysis by management and agreed with the IT department. 

 The outsourcing strategy has to be marked by a Master Plan, since they mark the company’s line of action over a long period of time and it does not have to be taken lightly. 

Trust, a compelling reason 

To be able to establish an outsourcing with guarantees, it is essential that it occurs with companies with a background in this type of projects and that a relationship of trust is established, with solid foundations and a know-how that make the service provided in optimal conditions. terms. 

At SAPmee, we are specialists in SAP projects and we have staff specialized in each of the different modules: FI, CO, SD, MM, WM, PP, PI and ABAP so that they can start adding value to your company from minute 0 . 

If you want to know more about the different formulas that we can establish to personalize our service to your needs, you want to know how we could help improve your company’s processes or you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to meet you to offer you the best solution for your business. 

And if you are still curious to know what our differential value is with respect to other SAP consultancies, do not stop reading our previous blog post. 

 SAPmee Team 

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