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SAP Excel Plugin

SAP Excel Plugin

Work in SAP as if it were an EXCEL.
Create programs more easily.

Using the SAP connection with MS Excel, users download data from the SAP application to Microsoft Office desktop applications, including Excel.

With SAP-MS Excel connectivity, end users can interact with SAP transactions directly within their Excel spreadsheet.

Despite the large sums of money in SAP, most business users are still dissatisfied with it because SAP data is not easily accessible in their favorite desktop productivity tool: Microsoft Excel. Because Microsoft Office applications are not connected to SAP, users are forced to

  1. Use error-prone cut, copy, and paste to fill in your Excel spreadsheets.
  2. Manually refresh data from Excel spreadsheets to business applications.
Benefits of SAP Data to Microsoft Office


Applications SAP-MS Excel connectivity extends SAP data to Microsoft Excel using an SOA-based information delivery server and Microsoft Office Add-ins, and provides the following benefits

  1. Eliminates the cut-and-paste-based data collection mechanism from SAP to Microsoft Excel.
  2. It allows users to get real-time SAP data within Excel with a single click Refresh.
  3. Allows users to update SAP from Excel.
  4. Allows users to update SAP from Excel.
    It avoids any data integrity issues with the copy and reduces compliance issues.
Who benefits


  1. Production and logistics managers who want to create Excel reports from the latest SAP data.

  2. Analysts who want to combine data from SAP and other enterprise data warehouses for budgeting purposes.


Excel file scenarios


  1. Create an MS Excel file for user input.

  2. Create a user interface in an Excel sheet to enter data for the client master and output cells.

  3. Apply ABAP code to connect to SAP.

  4. Read the input data for the customer master from the Excel file sheet.

  5. Get SAP data using the SAP connection code.

  6. Display the output within the Excel sheet itself.

SAP scenarios


  1. Create a function module in ABAP that is “Remote Enabled”.
  2. Create IMPORT, EXPORT and TABLES parameters according to MS Excel requirements.
  3. Type logic to display the customer master details based on the entry in the Excel file.
  4. Activate the function module.


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