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SAP Excel Plugin

SAP Excel Plugin

SAP Excel plugin allows you to expand the possibilities offered by the SAP standard, when the user needs to download (on-premises on PC) SAP reports and reports.

SAP Excel plug-in allows direct download of files to XLS format, regardless of the office version of the client, any type of device and any operating system (including Windows, Android, and   MAC).

From the technical point of view of SAP ABAP, it facilitates and simplifies the download to XLS files for any specific client program at the development level.

Value Proposition:

  • Download reports to XLS format for any version of Office.
  • Easy integration of the plugin with any ABAP program, facilitating direct download to XLS.

Management and display of the XLS file, regardless of device and operating system (iPhone, iPad, iMac, Android, etc.).


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