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The team grows, the company grows and we are already a Group:

Our SAP expansion drives us to Groupmee. 

We have returned with many news and we want to share them with you. We are part of Group mee that brings together SAPmee and INNOVAmee

Today there are a multitude of externalities that harm the productivity of companies. As a result, Group mee was born to solve them so that you can focus on your passion: your company. 

Groupmee is made up of two independent but interrelated companies whose main objective is to help their clients focus on their “Core Business” and forget about other problems. 

INNOVAmee was born more than 10 years ago with the aim of accompanying companies in the innovation, transformation and digital management of their IT assets through personalized treatment with clients, unique in the sector. 

SAPmee is a business consulting services organization, specialized in advising on process reengineering and technological implementations. The main mission is to help clients make the best decisions and accompany them in achieving their objectives. 

Finnally, we can say that both companies have as a fundamental principle, to help their clients to improve, to grow together. 

If you want to know more about how we can help you, download the Group Mee catalog: Presentación Group Mee_ENG (sapmee.com)


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