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SAP S / 4HANA is a new generation of SAP Business Suite characterized by simplification, massive increase in efficiency, and attractive features such as planning and simulation options in various conventional transactions.

SAP S / 4HANA takes a step beyond the transaction system that only records data, offering end users active support in real-time decisions that is based on data from internal and external sources.

SAP S / 4HANA provides companies with a new digital vision of their business processes, a new approach aimed at improving productivity and a global vision for decision making.

The minimum functionalities that SAP S / 4HANA offers are the following:

  • It provides a 360 image of the processes involved in decision making.
  • Delivers reliable data from a single source that in turn enables you to leverage predictive analytics and what-if analytics to streamline your planning processes.
  • It allows planning and acting in real time.
  • It connects people, devices and business networks, so you can flexibly adapt your business models to changing market conditions and new trends.
  • It offers tools and internal processes that allow you to increase productivity.
  • Present business information in clear dashboards that can be customized.
  • It allows working with role-based interfaces that increase user productivity and minimize required training. Among other benefits that SAP S / 4HANA can offer to your business, we can mention:
  • Asset management: 10-15% reduction in asset service and maintenance cost.
  • Finance: 50% -100% reduction in financial forecast error rate.
  • Manufacturing: 5-10% reduction in total manufacturing costs.
  • Purchases: 15-20% reduction in the costs of the purchasing function
  • R&D: 20-30% reduction in R&D expenses
  • Sales: 10-30% increase in on-time delivery.
    Supply chain: 10-15% reduction in lost revenue due to stock-outs.


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