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How to stand out; be different, differentiate yourself from the competition and be preferred by the market.

Companies that progress clearly acknowledge that you have to offer something “extra” compared to your peers to be more attractive. This goes beyond the price, it has to do with the product; and many more times with the “how”.

The ideal is to create a new product or service that responds to a hitherto undetected market need, discovering what is called a “blue ocean”.

For an already established market sector where similar products are offered, you have to find a way to locate yourself in a sub-niche where there is no one so far, either with the product, or doing things differently. One of the best ways is to ask yourself:

What is the added value of SAPmee compared to other SAP consulting services?

All companies should be very clear about this.

In large SAP consulting companies, with a complex business structure, high workloads, and large numbers of employees, workflow management and quality control becomes very complex. Sometimes, after countless client meetings with highly qualified employees, the one who ends up doing the job is a horde of well-meaning consultants who are just getting started in the consulting world.

Other times, clients turn to recruitment companies for freelancers in hopes of incorporating highly qualified profiles. The problem arises when these companies present profiles without sufficient “expertise” for the demanded Senior vacancy.

This is due to the fact that recruitment companies do not have technological projects, they are mere profile managers. In such cases, either they do not know how to fit the knowledge of each individual for the requested vacancy, or there are economic interests that favor the incorporation of average profiles (instead of Seniors) to obtain higher margins.

At SAPmee, as a technology consultant in project development, we have sought to strategically place ourselves at a midpoint; That combines the advantages of a human team with more than 10 years of experience and technical solvency, surrounding us with the latest technologies and in a way that allows us to be very flexible. In this way, we can adapt to the needs and requirements of any client, giving quick solutions to their problems.

In addition, we have an internal structure of relationship and collaboration that allows us to recruit the best professionals to develop their full potential. In other words, our differential value is shown to the customer, and is within what we are.

Our signature is flexibility, efficiency and quality.


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