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What are the advantages of the electronic signature?

In this article we are going to explain how the electronic signature can help to improve the processes of your company. Why should your company have a tool to facilitate the signature processes? Keep reading and we will explain the advantages it will bring to your company. 

 With the pandemic, many companies were forced by circumstances to reduce mobility. Document signing processes became more complex due to telecommuting. All this made the electronic signature a necessity within many companies. 

 Nowadays, as COVID begins to subside, the digital signature of legal documents has become a relevant factor due to different factors. As pointed out by the financier, in their article: “electronic signature, essential for the future“: Electronic signatures are enablers of the future of digital businesses around the world, as they reflect transparency, efficiency and security. 

Reasons to adopt the electronic signature  

Companies are betting on improving processes to be more competitive in an increasingly globalized world. Within these digital transformation processes, the digital signature plays a relevant role for the following 7 reasons: 

  1.  We reduce times: through the traditional signing of documents, signing them becomes a tedious process that requires shipments, forwarding, document scans, etc. With the electronic signature, this is done, without the need to mobilize people or send shipments, which speeds up the resolution of signatures and this is achieved in minutes. 
  1. We simplify the contractual processes: all the procedures that a signature entails: sent well by email, beacon, etc., monitoring by the person responsible and archiving of the document, it can be done in a single step, avoiding human errors. 
  1. Employee efficiency: we eliminate repetitive tasks that do not add value such as: printing, scanning, sending documents, etc. This allows workers to focus on more productive and satisfying tasks.  
  1. We reduce expenses: it is not necessary to send documents and thus we avoid transport. It also avoids the cost of paper, mail, dedicated personnel costs, etc. 
  1. We improve the customer experience: Customers are increasingly empowered and expect the companies they work with to offer them digital services that do not waste time and facilitate their day to day. 
  1. We increase legal coverage: The electronic signature offers more legal security than the traditional signature. With the electronic signature we have the traceability of the signature process through electronic evidence. It allows the signer to be identified and guarantees the integrity of the document. 
  1. We reduce our environmental impact: We avoid the unnecessary use of paper and move towards the paperless office. At the CSR level, more and more companies are committed to caring for the environment and have cost reduction policies among their priorities. 

SAPmee joins forces with Signaturit 

At SAPmee we have partnered with Signaturit, a leading Spanish technology company in digital electronic signature services, to be able to offer this service to our clients so that they can benefit from this new way of working. 

 The use of the solution can be done in two ways: 

  •  Web platform (Saas): Through Signaturit’s own online platform. 
  •  Integrated into your software (API): signature processes can be automated through the company’s daily use software (CRM, ERP, etc.) 

 At SAPmee, we are specialists in Digital Transformation projects and we can integrate the tool, among other ERPs, into SAP, which improves the adoption of the system by the company. As we discussed in a previous article, digital transformation also has to do with SAP and there are many processes that can be improved. 

 If you want to know more about this new solution, you want to know how it would help to improve the transformation process of your company or you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to meet you. 

 SAPmee Team 

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