Will SAP react to Coronavirus?

Will SAP react to Coronavirus?

In Sapmee we echo the news from AUSAPE who las Friday requested SAP to make a reflection on the current situation and how it affects its users.

The economic slowdown caused by the pandemic has created a difficult environment for many companies. With an incipient revival, the forecasts draw an excessively wide range of scenarios. Expert opinions range from production recoveries in months to a harsh crisis of years.

The Association considers that especially smaller companies, users of Business One, may be more exposed to these circumstances. It is in these where the payment of maintenance of licenses or Cloud services can represent greater tensions.

The aforementioned, without a doubt, affects the reference partners of these companies.

For this reason, AUSAPE expresses its concern and proposes a series of measures to be considered, such as deferment of payments or the possibility of financing them.

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