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SAP Extended Price Management

SAP Extended Price Management

VK12 2.0 Updates and massively loads prices

Greater visibility and price control can help you better manage the complex pricing scenarios and incentives you offer customers, distributors and channel partners.
Orchestrate price maintenance, from deal initiation to analysis, for the buy and sell side using SAPmee’s SAP Extended Price Management solution for administration, deal management (promotions), margin analysis, and reporting.

  • Efficient and intelligent maintenance and price improvements
  • Complex promotion and management of programs with varying ratings
  • Correct determination of the price of purchasable products
  • Accurate margin and gross to net information with pricing, incentive and program analysis
Key benefits:


  • Enable business-defined pricing: Validate pricing with business-defined policies, run formulas and calculations to drive pricing, and evaluate programs and rebates to determine profitability.
  • Achieve pricing strategy goals: Save free time and resources by gaining complete visibility into pricing processes, pricing into your system more efficiently, and evaluating data faster.
  • Determine true profitability: Analyze proposed pricing to determine actual margin and display complete gross-to-net and component-by-component data for a product, full product line, or agreement.


Main features

1. Simplified pricing management:

  • Save time and free up resources by entering pricing into your system efficiently and evaluating data quickly
  • Perform massive maintenance of prices and effective dates and validate prices according to the pricing policies defined by the business
  • Determine the right price for products that can be purchased with ease

2. Management of agreements:

  • Manage time-limited pricing agreements for the purchase of multiple products to qualify for special pricing
  • Define in-app offers that are available to automatically apply to sales orders
  • Offer exclusivity and combination rules to protect margins from unplanned double discounting

3. Price execution:

  • Analyze and execute new revenue models, including subscription- and usage-based pricing
  • Manage risk, including the probability of reaching certain target values, rather than the associated KPI expected value
  • Identify trends that indicate potential market disruptions before they arise

4. Analysis and price guidance:

  • Evaluate the success of pricing strategies by analyzing proposed prices to determine the true margin
  • Display complete gross-to-net and component-by-component data for a product, entire product line, or agreement
  • Model customer demand and price sensitivity, analyze margins and set prices


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