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The e-commerce sector is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable out there. For this reason, it is vital that companies in this sector can detect B2C and B2B behaviors and trends, creating and / or suitably adapting their business processes. Thus, with the help of technology, the online sales sector can fulfill what we at SAPmee call, the e-commerce product and service triangle:

From SAPmee, we have accompanied our e-commerce clients in the implementation of logistics and financial models in SAP and in the integration of SAP with both internal logistics platforms (Own Warehouses) and external (Logistics Operators and Transporters). For the period of operations, we offer a post-implementation support model adapted to the needs of the sector based largely on periods of seasonality and sales and / or service peaks.

Reverse logistics (returns management) always represents a great challenge for the e-commerce sector. From SAPmee we offer our experience in the sector, to propose good practices and other procedures aimed at optimizing B2B relationships. All this is the fundamental pillar of success in the execution of reverse logistics.



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