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IDOC Monitor

IDOC Monitor

"Monitor, process and manage SAP documents and improve the profitability of your business"

Why use SAP Monitor IDocs


Below you can see the main features that the monitor improves:

• Timely detection of technical and content error situations
• Monitor EDI output
• Monitor EDI entry
• Standard IDoc transactions such as WE02, WE05, and BD87 are technically oriented and not content-oriented
• Even WLF_IDOC does not meet IT and user requirements
• In case of error – cumbersome navigation, search and transaction for IDoc processing
• Processing IDocs with BD87 transaction is confusing and too complicated for the business/department
• Visualize many clicks required for SAP transaction IDoc
• High coordination effort in case of content errors between IT, department and business partner


• Due to the easily definable content and technical rules, these states are immediately recognized. In the event of a previously defined situation, responsible employees are automatically informed via alert emails. To do this, correct errors reported directly from emails. Define rules for monitors to detect specific situations and distribute messages according to your needs.
• With the IDoc Monitor, you know at all times if your business transaction data transfers run error-free

Service included

The configuration of the solution in the extended model includes telephone and remote support, during the commissioning process. Preferably through our Jira incident management tool. We also have a face-to-face service adapted to the needs of the company. Among the main functions that our technical advisors will perform, we can highlight:

• Consulting: Prior to the installation of the solution, a consultancy will be carried out to know the SAP system of the company and explain the operation of the solution.
• Implementation: An SAP expert advisor will carry out the implementation of the solution in the ERP.
• Configuration: the configuration of the solution will be carried out by INNOVAmee personnel specialized in SAP solutions.
• Robustness of the solution: once the start-up is done, an analysis will be carried out to guarantee the correct configuration of the solution.
• Training: the solution includes 1 hour of training to the Key-Users of the tool.


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