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The 3 types of signature in Signaturit

As we mentioned previously, from GROUPmee and more specifically from SAPmee, we developed the Signaturit SAP connector plugin, where you can manage, sign and send your company’s contracts quickly and easily. The plugin exists in 2 versions: standard and extended, the second one allows greater automation of processes.

Within the plugin we find up to three Signaturit electronic signature options. These three signatures are legal and ensure the integrity of the signed documents. Choosing one or the other depends on the use case or need of your company.

Simple electronic signature

This is the simplest option, as its name indicates. In this type of signature, the recipient signs by checking a box or using a PIN code. It is the fastest solution, as we save a lot of time.

It is recommended to use this option in a specific type of documents, such as those that have little legal risk. A clear example could be the general conditions of a website or a contact form.

Biometric advanced electronic signature

In the case of advanced electronic signatures, as their name indicates, they have a higher level of security than simple ones. The advanced electronic signature ensures verification of the identity and integrity of the signed data. In addition, it is legal evidence admissible as evidence in a trial.

When you want to sign by biometrics, the recipient will sign the document by tracing its graph, that is, just like signing a piece of paper. Today the vast majority of electronic devices, if not all, allow this function. Thus, with this biometric signature it will allow us to identify the signatory in a unique way.

Using this type of electronic signature, we could analyze the signature if necessary, in case of dispute by a graphologist.

Advanced electronic signature with certificate

This is the type of signature that provides more security and confidentiality. We find this security and legal robustness thanks to the digital certificate, which is how the recipient of the document has to sign.

The digital certificate is the only means that technically and legally guarantees the identity of the user on the Internet, providing high security.

You can contact with the SAPmee team to implement the Signaturit connector in your company. We help you!


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