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Discover the new connector Captio by GROUPmee

Still don’t know the new SAP Power Connector Emburse Captio by GROUPmee? Integrate CAPTIO into your SAP ERP thanks to a custom-made connector to automate and accelerate the flow of information with the best management tool.

This connector will allow you to apply it in different departments of your company, from sales even human resources. An example of the use of the connector in the area of finance is that thanks to this, the management and control of expenses can be automated, as well as the bank reconciliation of expenses taking into account legal regulations. Do not forget that the tool can be customize to adapt it to the specific process of the company and thus improve processes inside SAP.

Connector Features

Using this connector and implementing it in your company will allow you to access very interesting functions, such as:

  • The integration is carried out through API which allows synchronization automatic transfer of data between both systems without the need to perform any action manual.
  • The enabled monitor allows you to see at all times the expenses recorded in the system and perform specific searches, depending on the criteria of each client.
  • Facilitates the possible accounting of expenses manually or automatically in the SAP system.
  • Provides flexibility to the user to manually verify expenses before accounting for them. It also offers the possibility of modifying certain data prior to registration in SAP.
  • The connector allows you to set certain user roles and permissions to limit the access to data by certain users.

Leaving aside the functionalities of the Connector Captio by GROUPmee, we also have with configuration and start-up support. Thanks to this, you will be able to have an analysis to ensure correct configuration of the solution. In addition, functions are also offered in consulting, implementation and configuration of the aforementioned tool.

Advantages of using the Connector Captio by GROUPmee

Using this new SAP Power Connector Emburse Captio by GROUP mee has many advantages that will solve your daily life:

  • Reduces integration time: Thanks to this standard connector, the connection of Captio with SAP is reduced.
  • Lower economic cost: As it is a standard application, the cost is more affordable than other versions.
  • Less work dedication: Forget about uploading files to connect both platforms. You will have more space for yourself and other tasks, you will not waste more time with this process.
  • Always up to date: The connector has periodic updates so you will always have the most recent version and thus avoid anomalies.

If you need more information about implementing the SAP Power Connector Emburse Captio by GROUPmee, do not hesitate to contact the GROUPmee team through from our website or our social networks. We will be happy to help you!

SAPmee Team

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