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AMS SAP Solution by SAPmee 

This article will explain what SAPmee’s SAP AMS solution is and why it is so successful. 

 Several months ago (Sap Maintenance And Support Assistant (Ams)) we already announced that SAPmee would implement a Support and Maintenance program based on AMS (Application Management Service). 

It is our goal to simplify companies’ operations and work. Using an incident and service management tool, team leaders and CIOs can prevent themselves from tracking and resolving SAP problems. You have the security and peace of mind knowing project progress is being monitored by a tool that delegate SAP tasks to our consultants. In this way, it becomes possible to focus on other and more important tasks. 

But ¿What is an AMS SAP? 

A SAP AMS is a support and maintenance service based on incident tracking and ticketing. 

As in other sectors, ticketing tools have the advantage of being able to establish an adequate dialogue with the client, share the status of tasks with the required teams, and correctly monitor and evaluate the process in order to continuously improve. 

Which are the main features of SAPmee SAP AMS? 

 We see that the company’s CIO can do a detailed follow-up of the active IT processes, which can be used to optimize processes, internal and external interactions, reaching any area of the business with relevant impact.  

 Here are some of the most important features of the AMS solution focused on SAP: 

  • The use of SAP outsourcing allows you to customize the size of SAP consulting (Logistics, FI-CO) and programming (ABAP) according to your specific needs. 
  • In addition, you have a team of experts in each area that is needed for the project.
  • Using SAP Maintenance Service management methodologies, scaling and remote management are possible.  
  • The tool’s very dynamics facilitate a practical approach to incident resolution and the exploration of evolution issues rather than worrying about invariant monitoring and billing rules.  

As a conclusion, we remind you that SAPmee has the tools necessary to solve SAP problems and help identify new SAP opportunities, with a clear differential value: sizing and flexibility.   With SAPmee’s AMS SAP Solution, we can help you achieve your goals and maximize your benefits. 

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