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With Signaturit SAP, you can create a digital signature

That’s how it works! Our #GROUPmee team developed the Signaturit SAP connector plugin so that you can manage, sign, and send your company’s contracts quickly and easily; and the best part is that you do not have to leave your SAP system. Find out more about this tool by reading on…

We have already talked previously, in other blog posts, about how we (SAPmee) are interested in providing you with the best tools for your company, so that you can automate processes and streamline procedures in the company. That’s why we offer you the Signaturit SAP connector; for the electronic signature of your contracts and/or company documents.

We have two versions of the Signaturit SAP connector: Standard and Extended. Each one is adapted to your requirements, so that the integration is according to your needs. Among the features you will find in the electronic signature are:

Standard Version*

The main features of this version are:

  • 1 single external document to sign
  • Parallel or sequential signature flow (all signers can sign or consecutively in a pre-established order). 
  • Maximum of 40 signers per document. 
  • Email customization by the sender.
  • Configuration of reminders and expiration date of the email sent.
  • SAP tracking of document status 
  • Download of the signed document and supporting document 
Extended version*. 

In addition to all the previous features, this version incorporates new functionalities

  • Allows to incorporate external documents or PDF documents from SAP  
  • Multi-document sending: up to 15 documents 
  • Automatic signature of PDFs generated in SAP

The extended version also incorporates training, consulting and configuration of the tool. If you want to know more benefits of incorporating Signaturit SAP, we invite you to read our blog post: *SAP Connector

Finally, with this plugin you will have the ideal solution to improve your productivity and speed up your contract management processes, with the best user experience. Remember that, SAPmee is available to advise you in the process, as we have more than 20 years working with companies from different sectors and fields.


SAPmee Team

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