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Increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) present in today’s organizations, require that the configuration of the SAP Support and Maintenance service (AMS)is aligned with the IT management strategy and the overall business strategy. It is one of the many processes that should allow the CIO to have a transversal vision of the SAP platform health and the different satellites integrated with it.

This implies having to understand and anticipate problems and to visualize and interpret opportunities. The latter being linked to new projects, which are those that generate a transformative value and benefit at the organizational level.

Any project in SAP has direct or indirect implications in the optimization of processes -internal and external interactions- as well as a relevant impact in any area of the organization. Due to the above, IT directors must take care, rather than worry, that the profitability of this type of project is clearly evident.

The logical evolution of the completed SAP projects is the immersion in the Operations or SAP Support and Maintenance phase. This Support and Maintenance (AMS) will allow the CIO to know what impact (not only negative, but also positive) the project implementation continues to generate, hence the importance of being able to size it according to existing needs.

SAPmee AM SAP Solution

At SAPmee, we use our values as a company and our DNA (Commitment, Trust, Excellence and Satisfaction) as bases in the creation of a SAP Support and Maintenance Service (AMS) with a clear differential value: dimensioning and flexibility according to your needs.

Among some of the characteristics we can highlight:

CharacteristicDescriptionDifferential Value
Custom dimension of the consulting area (Logistics, FI-CO) and ABAP programming).Teams of Functional Consultants in MM-SD-LE and FI-CO, as well as ABAP programmers will be created according to the necessary demand.Commitment = Trust.Focus on what really matters.
Use of SAP Maintenance Service management methodologies with a visionary scaling approach and remote management.Work-flows based on SAP maintenance service management methodologies but with a people orientation.Sectorial Specialization (energy, e-commerce / retail, consumption and services).Monitoring of the Service according to KPIs defined jointly.
Practical approach for resolving incidents and joint exploration of evolutions rather than worrying about invariable monitoring rules and baseline invoicing.Direct contact of the consultants team with the interested business area, thus reducing intermediaries. Win-win billing agreements.Flexibility + Trust.Widely competitive rates.

If you want to focus on activities of value for your business, but at the same time you need a guarantee of problem solving and help in detecting new opportunities in SAP, do not hesitate to contact us atSAPmeeSAP Consultancy in Barcelona.

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