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Automatic Data Pricing Maintenance in SAP, the expected solution.

It is no secret to anyone that among the most critical processes at the organizational level, there are those related to the management of master data. We are referring to the creation, maintenance or expansion of them. It is no surprise, that many customers, seeing how complex, impractical, and clumsy SAP’s response to these processes is, demand almost urgently, for example, a functionality for Automatic Data Pricing Maintenance in SAP (DPM).

Customers in sectors such as automotive, consumer, retail and services, among others, have the urgent need to constantly change sales prices according to the conditions defined in their business model. In addition, they are forced to use a few transactions in SAP in order to update them. In most cases they must do so registry by registry. Moreover, it has to be done with no automations adapted to loading, updating and subsequent verification processes.

As a product of interaction and empathy with our customers and in response to this urgent need, from SAPmee we have created automatic price loading functionality in SAP or SD-Data Pricing Maintenance (SD-DPM). It is perfectly integrated into SAP ERP version 6.0 and allows the updating of any sales price condition in an agile, safe and direct way.

Some of the features of SD-DPM are:

  • Update of any sales price conditions.
  • Automatic export to Excel format, making it easy to manage and update data.
  • A few steps = > Expected results.
Data Pricing Maintenance solution Flow diagram by SAPmee

If you want to know further details of how the SD-DPM product can help you focus on activities of value for your business, do not hesitate to contact us atSAPmeeConsultant SAP Barcelona.

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