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At SAPmee, we want to say loud and proud: Welcome SAP SD / MM Consultant !!!

We have just successfully completed the selection process for a new SAP consultant for our Barcelona team. We want to thank everyone who has participated. We have found many very good profiles that we keep for other opportunities that arise.

We also suggest that you keep an eye on our Linkedin profile and our blog, because we will publish another offer very shortly. There are moreopportunities, so stay tuned.

Let us comment on how this process has gone and review how the SAP environment is in Barcelona.

We recently published a job offer to hire a functionalSAP consultantwith a fairly complete profile for a consulting project in a company in Barcelona. We would like to comment on four aspects of this action:

We have detected an increase in applications compared to other previous calls. This may be due to the fact that we constantly increase the followers of Linkedin and we gain notoriety within the world of SAP consulting. There may also be an influence from the economic situation. In any case, we are very happy with the interest that SAPmee arouses in you and being able to offer new job opportunities to eager people.

On the other hand, we would like to give a note on how we see the SAP consulting sector in Spain. The current moment is strange to everyone. Many had the feeling that everything stopped. In reality, what is happening is that it is being reformulated. That is, many companies stopped projects at first, but most are relaunching them. What we observe is that these are relaunched with variations and different demands. We see all this as positive, because the SAP world does not stop, but is changing. And we like this reformulation because it offers new opportunities to those actors who are with a constant improvement mentality.

Third aspect: work calls work. It is professional networking. We try to do our best. We offer excellence in SAP consulting, whether in the assignment of resources, in a project or in a specific development. We are competitive offering a very high value with a very dynamic response. In the projects and clients where we have worked we have planted quality, and from each site there has been growth. We continue to generate new opportunities.

And finally, we continue to gain visibility in SAPmee as a SAP consulting company in Spain.

To sum up, at SAPmee, SAP consultancy in Barcelona, we continue to grow in the implementation, support and training in SAP solutions. Have you thought about doing SAP outsourcing in your company or re-evaluating your needs in SAP solutions for your company?

We help you with quality business advice at competitive prices. Check ourweb!

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