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What is it? Implementation of technological solutions through a strategic plan to improve the performance of a company.

Objectives: Specific objectives are usually pursued, such as enabling rapid business growth, or improving efficiency and productivity. In addition, as a global process, the solutions that are implemented always collaterally optimize other processes.

Why? In the business world, evolving is an obligation, not an option. What you don’t do, others are already doing it. The high competition demands constant improvement of both the product/service offered and the internal processes to achieve the results.

Example: Imagine implementing a software that streamlines internal company communication eliminating intermediate steps and processes involving staff; this can easily bring a reduction in staff working hours and avoiding incidents, while reducing delivery times and improving the service provided.

How does it work? Digital transformation is a global process of the company, therefore, it is necessary to make a general analysis of the activity and study it in its different dimensions to propose a strategic plan with stages. Together with management, developments will be prioritized and the proposed plan will be nurtured so that it can be properly developed within the company’s activity.

Phases: The process consists of three major phases each one with sub-sections and own activities on a case-by-case basis. The first thing is to perform an analysis of the company, which involves data collection, understanding the current processes and functions to be able to establish a correct diagnosis of the starting situation.

Next comes the strategic phase, where the objectives, the digital plan to be followed and the way in which they are implemented are set; which gives us a vision of aspirations and goals.

Finally, the implementation is defined, which must include from the most technical and technological part to the accompaniment of the staff and the allocation of resources.

In addition, at SAPmee, we like to work very closely to the organization of the company, so that in each phase self-assessments are always executed and the plan is stressed together with the parts of the company involved, in order to solve and optimize the plan of digital transformation untill its final delivery.

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