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At SAPmee, an external SD / MM SAP Consultant has just joined our team in Barcelona. But there are more opportunities, so keep reading.

In our last blog post we echoed a position that we had opened for afunctional SAP consultantwith a very specific profile for a consulting project in a Barcelona company. The truth is that the action has been very successful for three reasons:

In the first place, the one that interests you most; It has helped us to gain visibility at SAPmee as a SAP consulting company in Spain. As it turns out, another company that is in the process of optimizing processes, not to mention revolution, asks us for a similar profile, also highly qualified and somewhat more versatile.

Therefore, congratulations to all the SAP consultants who have showed your interest in working at SAPmee SAP Barcelona consulting, because we have another business opportunity.

Second, we have received more resumes than ever to work as a SAP consultant in Barcelona. We had to close the add ahead of time because of the avalanche of highly skilled SAP SD / MM profiles. In addition, we have been able to speak with some of you and it has been a pleasure to see so much quality and experience in SAP solutions.

And finally, we are convinced that we have achieved excellence in SAP consulting regarding the assignment of resources for a project with the senior profile incorporated into our team. The pleasure is ours, never better said, to be able to collaborate with a functional consultant of such a high level and international experience.

To sum up, at SAPmee, SAP consultancy in Barcelona, we continue to grow in the implementation, support and training in SAP solutions. Have you thought about doing SAP outsourcing in your company or re-evaluating your needs in SAP solutions for your company?

We help you with quality business advice at competitive prices. Check ourweb!

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