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We are excited to share the SAPmee Welcome Pack. We skipped the usual SAP consultant theme a little bit, but it’s also interesting that we show more human aspects of how we work. After all, it defines our way of doing things differently, not only in excellence and professionalism, but also by our company values.

We already dedicated a post to thedifferential valuewe had as an SAP consultant. In the world of SAP consulting, SAPmee has been able to optimize internal processes to gain agility in project resolution. In addition, it values the work of the professionals who form the company.

To give our best we maintain high motivation by offering professional challenges that fit each individual’s aspirations. We also wanted to give a personal recognition to the daily effort; a way of saying, “We are all important and necessary to grow as professionals and as a team.”

Thus, ourINNOVAmeecolleagues prepared us this SAPmee Welcome pack that has excited us very much to receive it. It consists of a number of products for daily use, with a protective mask included.

Would you like SAPmee to send you any of these products? Do you have any suggestions of a present to give to our customers or employees?

Leave us a comment!

Stay tuned to our website where news are coming up to help your business focus on value activities, in Barcelona Consultant SAP firmSAPmee.

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