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Today we will address a particular point of view within the digital evolution of companies; digital transformation with SAP. At SAPmee we carry out business process analysis projects from the SAP perspective.

Here we will explain the relationship between digital transformation and SAP. To get started, we recommendthis articlein which we introduce what digital transformation is, what digital transformation projects are like and we put some examples of digital transformation actions.

Let’s start from the beginning. What is digital transformation? As we said, digital transformation consists of the implementation of technological solutions through a strategic plan to improve the performance of a company.

It is about analyzing the processes and workflows of a business and the tools used in order to be able to propose a list of improvements focused on the implementation and optimization of digital resources.

That is, we study how and what a company works with and advise a series of transformation improvements (a consultancy) whose vertebrate axis is the use of new technologies (hence, digital).

SAP in digital transformation

If you are wondering what digital transformation has to do with SAP, now you will know how it all fits together.

In general digital transformation projects, a list of improvements is proposed. Each upgrade has a rating according to different characteristics. In some projects you may be looking for something very specific to optimize. As a rule, the speed of implementation of an improvement, its need, cost, if it has an impact on key flows in the organization or fills some gap, is evaluated .

In many companies the ERP is a key point in this process. In fact, and that is why we are here, consultancy projects are carried out based on the flow analysis set up in the ERP.

Therefore, SAP consulting is digital transformation applied to SAP.

Business management programs, specifically SAP and its modules, are a great working tool. Proper configuration and adaptation to company flows is key to optimizing business processes.

Excellent process reengineering requires expert workers in both SAP and enterprise. Having staff approved inACCIÓ(SAPmee is one of them) guarantees quality and, at the same time, makes it possible to access grants from European funds.

For more details on granted SAP projects, please contact us; SAP BarcelonaSAPmee.

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